Warmly congratulate the official start of construction of the new chemical material integration project of Xian Crystalline Technology!


August 12, 2022, to attract the attention of many parties, bring together many resources, cohesion of many consensus of


Unify awareness, deepen understanding, and fully support the construction of new projects of Xian Crystalline Company!


At the meeting, the company's chairman, Zeng Manhua, on behalf of Xian Crystalline Technology, expressed his heartfelt thanks to


Xian crystalline company and Hubei bank deepen cooperation, become a strategic partner enterprise


Ltd. and Hubei Bank held a strategic partner awarding ceremony in the company's conference room on the morning of June 14,


Ltd. Special Emergency Drill for Leakage of Ethylene Oxide in Tank Area of Major Hazardous Sources


In order to strengthen the safety production management, do a good job in the emergency disposal of hazardous chemicals,


Planting Trees, Greening the Cenosphere


 "On March 12, the company office organized all departments to start the curtain of the tree planting festival with high slogans. Under the organization and planning of the general director Min Weiguo,


Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng Hubei Xian Crystalline Chemical with you


On March 5, the 59th Lei Feng Memorial Day, Hubei Xian Crystalline Chemical Co., Ltd. office organized the company's various departments of young employees to form the Xian Crystalline volunteer squad, aimed at promoting the spirit of Lei Feng,


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