Warmly congratulate the official start of construction of the new chemical material integration project of Xian Crystalline Technology!

Warmly congratulate the official start of construction of the new chemical material integration project of Xian Crystalline Technology!

   August 12, 2022, to attract the attention of many parties, bring together many resources, cohesion of many consensus of the crystalline science and technology of chemical new materials integration project officially started!

   This morning (12), the provincial government organized the third quarter of the province's major projects focused on the groundbreaking ceremony, Xiantao City, the branch of major projects to start the branch is located in our company Xiancina Science and Technology chemical new materials integration project site.


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 At the end of the mobilization meeting for the start of major projects in the third quarter of 2022 in the province, Luo Lianfeng, secretary of the municipal party committee, announced the start of the Xiantao Branch - Xiancina Technology Chemical New Materials Integration Project. Zeng Manhua, Chairman of Hubei Xiancina Chemical Co., Ltd, Liu You Kun, Chairman of China Chemical Engineering 16th Construction Co., Ltd and Mayor Sun Daojun delivered speeches respectively. Yu Wenhua, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Yin Jiali, chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Li Shaoyun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


Photo丨Secretary Luo Lianfeng announces the start of the project


Photo丨Speech by Chairman Zeng Manhua


Photo: Chairman Liu You Kun's speech


Photo丨Mayor Sun Daojun's speech

   The integration project of chemical and new materials is an important strategic initiative of the company to implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping "grasp the big protection, not big development", implement industrial transformation and upgrading, and build a high-end industrial chain. The project covers an area of 600 mu, with a total investment of nearly 3 billion yuan, will build upstream and downstream high-end fine chemicals and new chemical materials integration projects around the existing industry, the project can achieve an annual output value of 8 billion yuan, annual profits and taxes of 1.5 billion yuan, and absorb 450 people after the project is completed and put into operation.


   The project planning and construction fully embodies the "integration" thinking, with the goal of achieving the overall resources of the project natural supporting and manufacturing system safety, green, energy saving, to implement supply-side reform, the implementation of complementary chain, extend the chain, strong chain and solve the card neck technology as the starting point, to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

   The project focuses on factory intelligence and full automation of production, promotes the application of modern intelligent technology in production equipment, focuses on building an intelligent factory with "energy-saving and environmental protection, safety and efficiency, technology and intelligence", minimizes safety risks, realizes intrinsic safety, and follows the sustainable development of harmonious coexistence of enterprise and society, production and ecology. The road of sustainable development.


(Photo) Groundbreaking Ceremony

   The groundbreaking of the new chemical materials integration project marks the development of Xian Crystalline Company into a new period! We firmly believe that, with the support of the party committee and government at all levels and all walks of life, and with the joint efforts of all cadres and staff of the company, the new chemical materials integration project of Xian Crystalline Technology will become a new landmark of Xiantao's high-tech materials industry! It will add new momentum to the revitalization of Xiantao's chemical industry! Add more vitality and make further contribution to the development of Xiantao economy and society!

City leaders Wu Xiyao, Hu Changwei, Zhu Huiling, Du Weihua, Hu Junbo, Lei Dang, Li Bingbin, Huang Wenbing, Hu Chunping and others attended the project groundbreaking ceremony together.

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Warmly congratulate the official start of construction of the new chemical material integration project of Xian Crystalline Technology!


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