Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng Hubei Xian Crystalline Chemical with you

Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng Hubei Xian Crystalline Chemical with you
                             ------ The activities of the volunteer team of Xian Crystalline 



      On March 5, the 59th Lei Feng Memorial Day, Hubei Xian Crystalline Chemical Co., Ltd. office organized the company's various departments of young employees to form the Xian Crystalline volunteer squad, aimed at promoting the spirit of Lei Feng, to build a better home of Xian Crystalline, led by Captain Du Chunjie, took down a long-standing garbage bunker, Vice Captain Hu Biao, flag bearer Yan Yi, Wang Quan, He Bei and other teammates to carry forward not afraid of hardship, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired The Lei Feng nail spirit, ethanolamine workshop Yang Liang, Zeng Pan, butanone oxime workshop Xiang Shaoming, Cao Jun, Yuan Haoran, Li Shuai is not afraid of hardship, the snow battle in the deep ditch inside the white garbage little by little with both hands to pull out, electric instrument workshop Huang Xiongqiang, Zhu Wenjun, Xu Wang, excellent staff Du Liang carry forward the pioneering role, machine repair class Hu Zhuang, Hu Botao rushed in the front line, veteran staff Tang Xiang carry forward "Passing on the help"' role, so that young volunteers have the energy and ability to overcome difficulties, all Xian Crystalline volunteers make today's position shine!

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