Another year's Goddess Day "Care for women workers and healthy life" activity


 The water is beautiful and the scenery is green and red, and the warbler cries for a thousand miles and the fragrance for ten miles. In this colorful spring day, ushering in the annual March 8 Women's Day, the female compatriots of Hubei Xianshin Chemical Co., Ltd. embarked on a journey to find the Jingchu culture and Chinese civilization with awe - Jingzhou Fantasy. The Chinese nation has been forging ahead for 5,000 years, and it is not only a visual feast, but also a spiritual baptism. The "Chur music" especially felt the charm of Chur rhyme; "burning Red Cliff" to relive the story of the Three Kingdoms; "Cowherd and Weaving Maiden" opened the magical oriental scroll, into the wonderful world of mythology, to witness the love of the cowherd and weaving maiden of the ages, through this activity, the women compatriots expanded their horizons, enriching the love and dedication to work.

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