Promote the intelligent transformation of safety risk control - "Industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" pilot construction program" interpretation (below)

In March this year, the Ministry of Emergency Management issued the "Industrial Internet + Hazardous Chemical Safety Production" pilot construction program, which put forward the general idea of pilot construction and clarified the principles, objectives and tasks of pilot construction. A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Management's Hazardous Chemical Supervision Division made an authoritative interpretation around promoting the implementation of the Program.

It is understood that on the basis of independent applications from enterprises and recommendations from all over the world, the Ministry of Emergency Management selected 68 enterprises and 5 chemical parks with industry representativeness, scale representativeness, scene representativeness and technical representativeness as the first batch of pilot units, and formed a pilot construction advisory expert group consisting of 27 experts to support the pilot construction.

  Focus on the difficulties, pain points and blockage points to build an open ecosystem

  It is proposed in the Program that the pilot construction of "Industrial Internet + Hazardous Chemical Safety Production" should be based on actual combat, closely follow the current difficulties, pain points and blockage points of hazardous chemical safety production, deeply analyze the realistic needs of enterprises, chemical parks, industry supervision and national governance, and do a solid job of "Industrial Internet + Hazardous Chemical Safety Production". The practical application of "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" will form a replicable, replicable and mature and effective solution. In accordance with the principle of "government guidance, enterprise main body", fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, multi-participation to ensure the safety of information and systems, do not take the wrong path, less detours, and build an open ecosystem. Strive to create a number of application scenarios, industrial APPs and industrial mechanism models through the efforts of three years, and build a preliminary framework of "industrial Internet + safety production of hazardous chemicals".

  The Program requires that at the enterprise level, information technology will be used to promote the digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, enhance the predictable and controllable level of safety production management, and inject new momentum for the new development of enterprises. At the park level, through the creation of industrial Internet network, platform, security three systems, to achieve different enterprises, different departments and different levels of synergy between the linkage, to enhance the park's efficient collaboration and effective supervision level. At the industry level, it will build the "Industrial Internet + Safety Production of Dangerous Chemicals" sub-center, improve the layout of the secondary nodes of industrial Internet logo resolution in the field of dangerous chemicals, and build the industrial Internet data support platform and safety supervision platform for dangerous chemicals. At the governmental level, the whole industrial chain of hazardous chemicals covering production, storage, use, operation and transportation is laid out in a coordinated manner to systematically build a preliminary framework of "Industrial Internet + Hazardous Chemical Safety Production", optimize the industrial structure and layout, and promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the industry.

  Application scenario construction is the top priority enterprises and parks should not wait or rely on

  The person in charge of the Department of hazardous chemical pointed out that the focus of the pilot construction is divided into application scenarios, industrial APP and industrial mechanism model 3 parts. Among them, the application scenario construction is the top priority of the pilot construction. For the current safety accidents of hazardous chemicals exposed outstanding problems, while combining the focus of chemical process safety management, the "program" proposed 17 enterprise application scenarios, 9 parks and industry application scenarios of construction needs, but also the overall requirements for the construction of application scenarios at the group company and government level, basically covering the current work of hazardous chemical safety production difficulties, pain points, blocking problems. Based on the demand of application scenarios, the Program proposes to develop corresponding industrial APP and industrial mechanism model.

  For the construction of application scenarios, the person in charge made a specific introduction to some enterprise application scenarios.

  First, the construction of enterprise security information database and digital delivery. Enterprise safety information is the basis for identifying and controlling risks, and is the basis for chemical safety management, as well as the basis for the construction of other application scenarios. The construction and improvement of enterprise safety information database should cover relevant chemical safety technical manuals, process technology, equipment and facilities, design changes, construction and installation, inspection and maintenance, testing and inspection, assessment and evaluation, special operations, personnel qualification and training, contractor management, shift duty, inspection and inspection, hidden danger investigation and treatment, system standards and other information and timely and dynamic updates to realize unified management and sharing of safety information.

  Second, the management of major hazards. Enterprise major hazard source management application scenario construction should be based on internal applications, through mining, analysis of equipment and facility information database, expansion of real-time monitoring of safety facility status, major hazard source key monitoring parameters and video intelligent analysis of information and other data, the establishment of major hazard sources deployed at the enterprise level safety production risk early warning model, and effective integration with the existing hazardous chemical production risk monitoring and early warning system To achieve accurate early warning.

  Third, the work permit and work process management. Fire, restricted space and other special operations safety risks, accident-prone, through the fire, restricted space, temporary electricity and other special operations approval and licensing conditions entry, electronic, process, and the use of information technology for the process and trace management, so as to achieve special operations application, review, licensing, supervision, acceptance of the whole process of information, standardized, program management.

  Fourth, training management. The professional quality of practitioners is a decisive factor in the level of enterprise safety production. Enterprises should combine the construction of training bases and training spaces, make full use of resources on the cloud or custom-developed training systems, use virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and digital twin technology, based on the matrix of training needs of different positions, online panoramic and immersion training for employees, through automatic points and reward and punishment mechanisms, to force the entire enterprise to take the initiative to learn and improve training The effect is improved by automatic points and reward and punishment mechanisms.

  Fifth, equipment integrity management and predictive maintenance. Ensuring the integrity of equipment is the basis and prerequisite for preventing accidents involving hazardous chemicals or energy leakage. The pilot construction should be based on similar equipment failure case database and expert knowledge base, establish equipment abnormal state early warning model, apply artificial intelligence and self-healing technology, develop equipment operation status monitoring information system and establish remote diagnosis and early warning center, with large units, key machines and pumps and pressure vessels, atmospheric pressure storage tanks and other key equipment health status assessment, failure trend prediction function, realize unit vibration, stall, equipment and pipeline The center can provide early alarms for abnormal conditions and failure risks of equipment such as vibration, stall, corrosion of equipment and pipelines, and damage of machine and pump bearings, transforming traditional passive maintenance and periodic maintenance into predictive maintenance and effectively reducing accidents caused by equipment failure.

  Sixth, risk classification and control and hidden danger investigation and management. The pilot unit concerned takes the construction of the dual prevention system of risk grading and control and hidden danger investigation and management as an opportunity to combine the actual situation of the enterprise, carry out job safety risk identification with full participation, establish a list of risks for each job and classify and grade them, refine the list of responsibilities for job safety risks at each level, and combine it with the intelligent inspection system to realize the closed-loop management of full participation in inspection, automatic uploading of hidden danger and acceptance of rectification by the deadline, and precisely solve This will precisely solve the problem of risk grading control and hidden danger investigation and management in the "last kilometer" of effective implementation, and realize the safety production accident prevention gateway to move forward.

  "Matching the above key construction content, the program" put forward 25 key work, which involves enterprises, group companies, parks application scene construction work should not wait to start first, the government application scene construction work should be planned in advance according to the pilot construction, actively promote." The person in charge said.

  Do not seek all seek big The key is to achieve effective

  The Program puts forward safeguards, the main of which are: First, strengthen the organization and policy guidance. The work task force focuses on good top-level design, good supervision and guidance in terms of technical support and standard leadership. The provincial emergency management departments should establish a pilot construction work to promote the mechanism, develop supportive policies and increase funding support. Second, the main role of the enterprise, the pilot enterprises to implement the main responsibility, around the scene construction and key tasks, the formation of a strong pilot construction to promote the team, develop a practical program, do not copy and copy, and seek practical results, early results early. Third, to strengthen cooperation, pilot units and technical support units to bold innovation, the pilot construction of the key difficulties can try a joint attack, as soon as possible to form a replicable and scalable practice, the task force to summarize the good experience and good practices around the timely, to strengthen technical exchanges, the formation of demonstration drive effect.

  The person in charge of the Department of hazardous chemicals stressed that the pilot construction program scenarios are more, the pilot enterprises can combine their own foundation and development needs, targeted selection of some application scenarios focus on breakthroughs, not to seek all seek big, the key is to achieve effective. In the pilot construction program, a number of applications are listed for example, but does not exclude other technologies, relevant laws and regulations, standards and norms do not explicitly prohibit the technology can be used.

  In addition, in the preparation of the pilot program, the relevant technical support institutions to actively participate, contribute ideas and play an important role. In the pilot construction phase, welcome more capable technical support institutions to participate in the formation of efficient, inclusive, sharing, open "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" pilot application ecology. In the choice of technical support units, in accordance with the principle of enterprise autonomy by the pilot unit market-oriented operation.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Management said, "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" pilot construction is an innovative system engineering, I hope that all regions and units attach great importance to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen support and guidance and demonstration of leadership, strengthen talent training, strengthen open cooperation, innovation, to ensure that the pilot construction in an orderly manner to promote To achieve the digitalization of safety risk control of hazardous chemicals, intelligent transformation and upgrading.

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