The "industrial Internet + safety" is the root of the cure for hazardous chemicals - "industrial Internet + safety production of hazardous chemicals" pilot construction program "interpretation (on)

     In May this year, the Ministry of Emergency Management held a meeting to promote the pilot construction of "Industrial Internet + Safety Production of Hazardous Chemicals" and made an authoritative interpretation of the "Industrial Internet + Safety Production of Hazardous Chemicals" pilot construction program to promote the orderly implementation of the pilot construction work. On July 23, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly held a meeting on the promotion of "Industrial Internet+Safety Production" to summarize and promote the "Industrial Internet+Safety Production" Action Plan (2021-2021). The "Industrial Internet + Safety Production" Action Plan (2021-2023)" was implemented.
  Since 2010, China has become the world's first major producer of chemicals, with an output value of about 40% of the world total. The total scale of hazardous chemicals is large, involving many varieties, a wide range of applications, a long management chain, and high safety risks, and has always been a key area for preventing and resolving major safety risks.

  The person in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Management pointed out that, in recent years, typical accidents in the field of hazardous chemicals have revealed that the traditional means of safety risk control "can't see" "can't manage all" "can't manage well "It is difficult to adapt to the higher requirements for risk prevention and control of hazardous chemicals in the new development stage. Accelerating the deep integration of industrial Internet-enabled technology and hazardous chemical safety production technology is the fundamental solution to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents and solve the problems from the root.

  In-depth integration of industrial Internet and safe production is an important strategic choice

  The participants agreed that at present, the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry represented by industrial Internet provides a new perspective for the safe production of hazardous chemical enterprises and an efficient means to strengthen the supervision of safe production, which is an important strategic choice to promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity of hazardous chemical safety.

  "Accelerating the deep integration of industrial Internet-enabled technology and hazardous chemical safety production technology, building a whole chain safety monitoring and surveillance system for hazardous chemicals through the convergence, mining and utilization of safety production data, can effectively solve the problem of difficult pain points and blockage points, and is a fundamental solution to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and solve problems at root. " The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Response told reporters.

  He pointed out that the deep integration of industrial Internet and hazardous chemical safety production technology is conducive to the implementation of the new development concept, "safety is the premise of development, development is the guarantee of safety" into practice, and is conducive to seizing the opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, and promoting the modernization of dangerous chemical safety governance system and governance capacity.

  Multi-level layout, three-level linkage, and strive to build a preliminary framework in 3 years

  According to the introduction, the current work of "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" has entered a new stage of comprehensive pilot construction from the top-level framework design. The overall consideration of the pilot construction: to adhere to the principle of based on the actual battle, demonstration and leading, cost reduction and efficiency, system concept, in accordance with the perception layer, enterprise layer, park layer, national layer "multi-layer layout, three-level linkage" idea, in enterprises, group companies, chemical parks and industry, government 4 levels, to promote the application of scenario construction and key tasks implementation The company will strive to build a preliminary framework of "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" through the efforts of 3 years.

  "The pilot construction work involves many levels, application scenarios, strong internal logic, in the implementation process, all relevant parties need to strengthen the overall planning, local breakthroughs, systemic reconstruction." The person in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Response stressed.

  First, pay more attention to the top-level design of the pilot demonstration. The production of hazardous chemicals has the typical characteristics of the process industry, not only for the industrial Internet to expand the integration of new application scenarios, but also has a unique advantage of in-depth integration with the industrial Internet. At present, the types and numbers of information systems used in China's hazardous chemical safety production are rich, and the systems are single and independent of each other, and have not yet formed a comprehensive interconnection application mode, and the overall application level is not high. Based on the construction of "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" technology system and application ecosystem, around the improvement of safety production risk perception and assessment, monitoring and early warning and response and disposal capabilities, strengthen the integration of resources, optimize the program design, promote the government, industry, parks, enterprises, multi-level coordination, vertical penetration of the main body, to investigate and resolve potential risks To provide support for the digital transformation of enterprises and regulatory authorities in safety management.

  Second, pay more attention to the pilot enterprise innovation breakthrough. To address the current problems of poor safety foundation, low level of safety management, low professional skills of personnel, weak safety risk control of major sources of danger and high-risk operations such as fire, and inadequate supervision at the group level, we should promote the first breakthrough in enterprise application scenarios. To empower the hazardous chemical industry by strengthening perception, monitoring, early warning, disposal and evaluation, improve the ability to regulate process parameters, establish equipment status monitoring system, reduce reliance on manual experience operating procedures to ensure the smooth operation of enterprise production processes, facilities and equipment intact and reliable, operation management compliance fine.

  Third, more attention to safety supervision up and down the synergy. Industrial Internet is an important infrastructure to ensure the safe production of enterprises, through the construction of "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" new infrastructure, you can realize the whole process of safety production, the whole element, the link and integration of the whole industry chain, to support enterprises, parks, regulatory departments to improve the overall capacity of safety production management. Focusing on the realization of enterprise collaboration and intelligent management in chemical parks, we should focus on improving the connection ability of all elements in the park, automatic deployment ability and agile response speed, with the industrial Internet platform in the park as the core and the data center and emergency command and dispatch center as the basis, and establish the production safety prevention and control system and intelligent management system. To take advantage of the platform of hazardous chemical safety production risk monitoring and early warning system, accelerate the expansion of applications and functional overlays to form a convenient and efficient government production safety management system. We should actively promote the construction and application of safety supervision platforms at all levels to break data silos, realize information sharing among enterprises, chemical parks and supervisory departments, and promote innovative supervision models.

  Gather the wisdom of the crowd to gather the strength of the crowd to jointly promote the pilot construction

  The pilot construction of "industrial Internet + hazardous chemical safety production" is an innovative work with bright prospects and promising future. At the same time, the pilot construction work is also a system project, involving a wide range of units, which requires close cooperation and strong support from all parties.

  At present, the Ministry of Emergency Management has established a Division of hazardous chemical supervision, the second Division and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Risk Warning Center, the Ministry of Emergency Management Registration Center to participate in the work of promoting the mechanism, the establishment of the pilot construction expert advisory group, to determine the list of the first pilot units, the conditions for the comprehensive promotion of the pilot construction have been available. All units should adhere to the focus, grasp the key, to form a joint effort to jointly promote the pilot demonstration as soon as possible to achieve effective results.

  First, we must give full play to the main role of the pilot enterprises and technical support institutions, improve the program, increase investment, take the lead in forming a number of replicable, replicable pilot results.

  Second, to build scenarios and platform construction applications, incubate a number of service providers, application developers and business users, precipitate a number of advanced experience and results and form the corresponding technical specifications, build up an open, innovative, inclusive, mutual trust, efficient pilot application ecology.

  Third, to improve the national and provincial pilot construction work to promote the mechanism. The national level focus on strengthening coordination, the establishment of expert consultation and evaluation system, pilot demonstration promotion system, select a number of benchmarking pilot projects in the industry to replicate, and gradually expand the demonstration. The provincial level to do a good job of pilot program publicity and implementation, the organization of pilot demonstrations, the establishment of industry benchmarks, increase policy support, to promote the pilot construction.

  Fourth, we should build a digital infrastructure system, accelerate the construction of the production safety supervision platform for hazardous chemicals and production safety database, build an "industrial Internet + production safety" industry sub-center, develop and improve standards and specifications, and form a three-tier data governance system covering enterprises, industries and countries.

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