Hu Jiuming rate of relevant departments in charge of the city to Xian Crystalline Chemical Co.


  On September 4, Hu Jiuming, secretary of the municipal party committee, led the relevant departments to the site office of Xian Crystalline Chemical Co. Hu Jiuming stressed the need to unswervingly practice the concept of green development, closely follow the requirements of the Yangtze River economic belt "to grasp the big protection, not to engage in big development", strengthen the communication between the government and enterprises, make concerted efforts to support the relocation of Xian Crystalline Company into the park, guide the enterprise to develop steadily and grow bigger and stronger as it advances with the times.

  City leaders Yan Qifang, Yu Wenhua, Zheng Zhangjun, Tang Lei together with the site office.

  Ltd. was formerly known as Xin Yang County Phosphate Fertilizer Factory, which was established in 1969 and restructured into a private enterprise in 2000. 2010, 20,000 tons of ethanolamine production line was put into operation, and in 2013, the company independently developed butanone oxime production process and device with independent intellectual property rights. Over the years, Xian Crystalline Chemical Co., Ltd. has followed the road of technological improvement and innovation, and developed from a traditional phosphate fertilizer plant to a high-tech enterprise, becoming a hidden champion and model enterprise in the province's pillar industry segment.

  Hu Jiuming came to the site of the new project of Xiancina Chemical Co., Ltd. located in the New Materials Industrial Park of the National High-tech Zone, to view the construction plan and understand the progress of the project, and requested the relevant towns and functional units to raise their political status, resolutely implement the requirements of the national strategy, proactively support the needs of enterprises, and accelerate the relocation of Xiancina Technology into the park.

  In the subsequent on-site office meeting, listening to the enterprises and relevant towns and offices, municipal departments, Hu Jiuming pointed out that Xianciming Chemical Co., Ltd. is the city's leading private economy, is a key enterprise in the new materials industry, but also to pay a steady contribution to the forefront of profits and taxes. All departments should follow the trend around the national policy, stand for the overall situation and seek the long term, perform their duties and responsibilities to provide excellent services, make the old plant relocation into the park, so that the old local enterprises will grow up and achieve new development in the new era. To deepen understanding, friendly communication. In accordance with the requirements of "build well and fast, do better and stronger", think from the perspective of enterprises, set up everything around the project, everything to serve the work of enterprises, guide enterprises to accurate positioning, scientific decision-making, selected projects, build momentum, avoid risk, sound development. To actively support and take the initiative to fulfill their responsibilities. Resolutely practice the new development concept, strictly implement the relevant national regulations, further clarify the timetable and refine the roadmap around the relocation project, open a green channel for the relocation of Xian Crystalline Science and Technology into the park, resolve the contradictions, give maximum support and provide strong protection for the smooth progress and smooth landing of the relocation project.

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