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  Hubei Provincial Government recently issued the "Provincial People's Government on the 2019 Science and Technology Award" document, Xiantao City, a science and technology achievements won the third prize of Hubei Province Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Award.

  The award-winning project "Promotion of new technology of green production of butanone oxime" was jointly completed by Hubei Xiancim Chemical Co. It has realized the efficient and clean production of butanone oxime and enhanced the competitiveness and influence of Hubei province butanone oxime products in the domestic and international markets.

  In recent years, the municipal government of Xiantao City attaches great importance to science and technology innovation, and has issued a series of policies and measures such as "Implementation Opinions on Deepening Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and "Implementation Measures for Strengthening Science and Technology Innovation to Support High Quality Development in Xiantao City", which have created a good atmosphere for science and technology innovation and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of science and technology innovation of enterprises, universities and research institutes.

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