The 10th National Epoxy and Derivatives Sustainable Development Cooperation Forum Leaders Salon was held in Wuhan, Hubei

  The 10th National Epoxy and Derivatives Sustainable Development Cooperation Forum Leaders Salon was held in Wuhan, Hubei

  On October 11-12, 2018, the "CEICO - The 10th (Cynthia Chemical) Leaders' Salon" organized by the Organizing Committee of the National Epoxy and Derivatives Sustainable Development Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as CEICO) and hosted by Hubei Cynthia Chemical Co. Ltd. was successfully held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. More than 40 entrepreneurs and leaders from the forum members, key enterprises in the epoxy industry chain and Sinopec and PetroChina attended this meeting.

  CEICO is an epoxy industry platform jointly established by the backbone units of epoxy and downstream derivatives in China. With the idea of working around stronger enterprises, better products, bigger industry and coordinating the development of the industry, CEICO concentrates on resource integration, industrial layout, clean production, safety management, information communication and other related services for the industry, insisting on the main line of work such as industrial ecological optimization and improving core competitiveness of enterprises; serving relevant departments, industries and enterprises and promoting the healthy development of epoxy industry.

  The whole meeting was chaired by Chairman Gu Qichang, and the secretariat reported on the summary and analysis of the development status of epoxy and derivatives industry as of September 2018, the development status of major product segments, the global development trend and the impact of imported products on the domestic market, and predicted the market changes and trends in recent times. In addition, the participants and the leaders of Sinopec and PetroChina shared the production and operation situation of each company, the driving situation of the devices and the future production plan, and not only discussed and analyzed the upstream and downstream situation in depth, but also made a prediction and analysis of the future epoxy situation and the possible situation. During the meeting, it was agreed that it is very important to strengthen the communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream through the forum, to operate steadily and to have win-win cooperation. At the same time, we hope that CEICO secretariat will further strengthen close communication with relevant units, enhance industry industry information collection and sharing, strengthen analysis and market judgment, and provide more and better services for members.

  At the meeting, Mr. Zeng Manhua, Chairman of Xian Crystalline Chemical made an important speech, firstly, he expressed his warm welcome to the leaders of member units and Sinopec and PetroChina to attend the meeting in Wuhan, Hubei; at the same time, he made a presentation to the leaders on the production and operation of the company and the future development plan of the company, and analyzed the current situation of ethylene oxide market and the direction of ethanolamine industry, hoping that through high-level communication, the member units will jointly follow the orderly and We hope that through the high-level communication, the members will follow the idea of orderly and rational development and promote the healthy development of epoxy and derivatives industry together.

  Through the two-day high-level communication, it promoted the effective docking and communication among the member units, realized the sharing of industry information resources, and strengthened the planning and orderliness of the industry development. This meeting is of great significance to strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream, to achieve a stable rise in enterprise profits and to promote the healthy development of epoxy and downstream industry.

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