The 2018 Annual Company Safety Knowledge Contest was a success

  In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of Chairman Zeng Manhua's series of speeches on the company's safety production, effectively improve the safety quality and management level of the majority of cadres and workers, further consolidate the safety foundation work, create a strong atmosphere for everyone to pay attention to safety production, and ensure safe production, according to the requirements of "zero tolerance for safety", the company The company office and the Safety and Environment Department jointly held the 2018 annual safety knowledge competition according to the requirements of "zero tolerance for safety" and the company's concerted efforts to advance towards standardization and standardization. Twenty-four players from 15 departments of the company participated in the competition.

  In his opening speech, the company's administrative vice general manager, Tuy Heng Hua, said that Xiancim is in a critical period of transformation and development, to make an example in industry safety and play a leading role in the industry, we must be conscious of the potential pressure of safety production in development, to fundamentally eliminate the illegal command of managers and the illegal operation of operators, to ensure safe production, and to improve the safety quality of practitioners is particularly important. The company held a safety knowledge contest to, first, test the mastery of all participants on the safety knowledge within the delineated scope. Second, through this activity to drive the enthusiasm of the staff to learn safety knowledge, the main purpose is to promote the units attach great importance to safety training, and effectively carry out daily safety training, to do what, what to learn, what to test, what will be, and constantly improve the safety quality of employees, to fundamentally eliminate unsafe human behavior, so as to ensure safe production. In the production safety, is to focus on safety training, grasp the training to ensure safety. All units should bear in mind the eight requirements of the chairman on "zero tolerance for safety", take this safety knowledge competition as an opportunity to set off a new climax of safety education and training, constantly improve the awareness of the majority of cadres and workers of safety production, and further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of safety production managers at all levels to do a good job of safety production, so that The concept of "life first, safety development" is deeply rooted in the heart of every employee, so that they can make their contribution to the company's production safety goal by working practically and solidly!

  The competition was held in the form of compulsory quiz, quiz and risk questions, and also on-site audience quiz. After the competition, the administration team won the first place, the ethanolamine workshop team won the second place, and the butanone oxime workshop team won the third place, among which Wang Fei, an employee of ethanolamine workshop, and Xiao Jing, an employee of material management department, won the individual superiority award.

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