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Hubei Xianlin Chemical Co., Ltd. through the site inspection of the OPCW successfully

Date:2016-11-17 14:00:08

     On Oct. 27-28, 2016, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) came to Xiantao to carry out on-site inspection on Hubei Xianlin Chemical Co., Ltd.’s production facility of the controlled chemical. After careful checking, the inspection team had verified that Hubei Xianlin Chemical Co., Ltd. had seriously implemented the Chemical Weapons Convention.


     During the inspection, OPCW expert team had talks with our company leaders about the implementation of the Convention, and carefully checked our company’s production site and facilities, simultaneously, our company’s original relevant records were also examined. With detailed inspection, it was confirmed that Xianlin Chemical’s production, operation, and relevant documents comply with the Convention, which proved again that China, as one of the original treaty states, had fulfilled its obligation and made good its promise to the international community.

         OPCW Inspection Report Signing Ceremony was held at 5pm, on 28th afternoon. Chinese government representative Mr. Zhao Yinong(Chief of the Chemical Weapon Prohibition Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), Hubei Chemical Weapon Prohibtion Office representative Mr. Duan Jianmin(chief of the Chemical Weapon Prohibtion Office of Hubei Economy and Information Technology Commission ), Vice Mayor Mr. Li shaoyun of Xiantao government, and Xianlin Chemical’s CEO Mr. Zeng Manhua attended the signing ceremony and gave speech, respectively. The inspection team on behalf of OPCW and Mr. Zhao Yinong on behalf of Chinese government signed on the inspection report.

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