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Xian-lin chemical safety knowledge contest held

Date:2016-06-29 14:01:04

Xian-lin chemical safety knowledge contest held


In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the "Year of Safety in Production", to effectively improve the safety and quality of the cadres and workers, and further consolidate the work safety foundation, to create a strong atmosphere for everyone to pay attention to safety, to ensure safety in production, Zeng Manhua on the "eight key" the basic requirements, the company together toward standardized, standardized forward, Ann Department and the company's Office jointly organized the 2016 annual safety knowledge contest. Twenty-four players from 15 departments of the company participated in the contest.

Vice President of the Company, Mr. Xiong Maochang, Vice General Manager of Production, as well as the responsible persons of the participating units and some employees of the Company watched the contest.
Company executive vice president Tu Xinghua said in the opening speech, the company is in a leap-forward development period. As the world's largest production base of methyl ethyl ketoxime, Central China's largest ethanolamine production base, Xian Lin to make an example in the industry safety, to play an industry leading role. He said that in the rapid development of the company, we must clearly understand the development of the potential safety pressure, especially in recent years, many new projects, more new staff, more difficult to safety management, to fundamentally put an end to Managers of the illegal command and operations personnel illegal operations, to ensure safety in production, improve the safety of employees is particularly important. The company held a safety knowledge contest, one test all the players on the delineation of the scope of security knowledge of the situation. Second, through this activity to promote the enthusiasm of staff to learn safety knowledge, the main purpose is to promote the units attach great importance to safety training, and do a good job in daily safety training, do, learn what, what, what, Improve the safety of employees, and fundamentally put an end to unsafe behavior, so as to ensure safety in production. In production safety, is to grasp the training around the security, training and security. Finally, he stressed that the units to keep in mind the chairman of the thirteenth Five-Year "eight key words," the development of the overall tone to the safety knowledge contest as an opportunity to set off a new upsurge in safety education and training to continuously improve the cadres and workers To further enhance safety at all levels of production safety management personnel to do a good job in the sense of mission, responsibility, "life first, security for the day" concept deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee, foot real, solid Work, in order to achieve the company's safety objectives and make due contributions to!
The contest was conducted in the form of answer, answer and risk questions, and the audience answered the questions. After the competition, the team of the quality management department won the first place, the ethanolamine workshop team won the second place, the electromechanical power representative Team won the third place, in which the quality department staff He Hui, ethanolamine workshop staff Wang Fei won personal award.

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